copper belt continuous casting machine equipment

Our main products is upcast machine to produce oxygen-free copper rod/strip(foil billet)/tube from cathode or scrap copper. All can be customized as what you want.

Products Description

Copper conductor sheets is used for producing bright and long oxygen-free copper rod,copper row,copper tube,flat copper bar.This machine can directly produce different specifications of copper row and other special shaped copper material continuously from electrolytic copper.

Main Parameters

Product Name Cathode copper plate to copper rod/copper row Efficient upward continuous
Speed of draw-up Adjustable
Raw material Electrolytic copper plate(cathode copper)
Type of taking-up curvature auto–adjustment
Power consumption 200~900KW
Weight Customize
Driving type double servo motor
Each strand of copper more than 2 tons

Working Process

The technological process of this upcast continuous casting machine for oxygen-free copper belt is:Electrolytic copper plate (cathode copper)→melting furnace→transition

warehouse→holding furnace→crystallizer→dragger→Automatic speed device→automatic winding machine→for sale or deep processing.

Advantages of our machine

  • Control the oxygen content of copper belt to eliminate the hollow core technology;
  • Low energy consumption, energy consumption in a single tonne 20% lower than that of other domestic similar devices ;
  • Removable sensors, flexible maintenance, short repair time;
  • Computer control, servo drive system, man-machine conversation interface;
  • Automatic controlling take-up, more than 2 tons single rolling weight;
  • The highest grade of the heat-resistant furnace material.


  • How do you control the quality of your products?

    We are manufacturer with our own factory, so it is convenient for one-stop production and inspection. There are experienced engineers and professional QC team in our company. The quality is definitely reliable.

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