Company leaders went to sunshine village to show love


On the eve of the Spring Festival, Xinxiang BenTeng Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. organized leading cadres to carry out love activities, went to Xinxiang Sunshine Village, visited and condoled children, and sent holiday blessings to the children.

There are 28 children in Sunshine Village, the youngest is over 6 years old. Under the careful care of “Mama Ding” and caring people from all walks of life,With the strong care and support of social groups and the party and government, they are not alone and can still feel the warmth of “home”.

Through watching children’s learning and living environment on the ground and being in close contact with children, everyone has a deeper awareness To meet their own responsibilities and responsibilities, they are determined to lend a helping hand within their ability, spread new civilizations, and contribute to building a prosperous, democratic, civilized and harmonious society.

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