2022 starts auspiciously, and the new year moves forward bravely!


One yuan resumes, and the work starts. February 7, 2022, ushered in the first day of work in the new year.

At 8:30 in the morning, the company’s meeting room held an all-staff meeting. At the meeting, the general manager pointed out the company’s work this year, showed the development plan of BenTeng Electric, and sent a message to all colleagues to carry forward the enterprise spirit of “concerning the world and safety in mind”, and sticking to “quality Seeking survival, innovation and development, cooperation and win-win” corporate tenet, unite as one, cooperate as one, create new achievements and make new contributions together.

Looking back on the struggle, and writing a new chapter. The new year opens up new hopes, the new course carries new dreams, the drums of war in the spring breeze, the horns of the new year, all employees of the company are ready to go, we will take a new attitude and unstoppable momentum, in the new one. Go hand in hand and create a new chapter! In the new year, we wish our new and old customers, partners and colleagues a prosperous year of the tiger, a prosperous business, a happy work, and a happy family!

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