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From copper raw material to finished wire, Benteng’s technology brings accurate parameters, fluent working and efficient production.

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About Us

Xinxiang Benteng Electrical Equipment Co., LTD is founded in 2008, an experienced Copper upcasting CCM manufacturer from China mainland with state-of-the-art copper processing technology enterprise, Benteng has collected R&D, processing, manufacture, installation and maintainance as intergration. Keep learning about the equipment and technology of copper processing from peers of home and abroad, great breakthrough has been achieved in craft and technology of upward continuous casting machiner for oxygen-free copper bar/tube/rod. Our copper platoon technology takes a leading place within the industry. Today we offer you the upcast machine with top-class technology, world-class production line, and ace service. Customer’s trust and support is our motivation to make us improve vigorously and go for our dreams. We sincerely hope to cooperate with our potential partner and create a better future together.



With 11-year experience, our equipment 8mm copper rod casting speed can up to 3.2m/min at lower consumption. Self-developed operating system is convenient to control cutting off manpower. Besides, we never stop innovating, rich variety products are waiting for you.