Shipment 12000t copper rod upcasting machine to bangkok, thailand


Thanks to the hard work of all the workers, the oxygen-free copper rod upward continuous casting machine has been completed on September 23, 2020. For this production line, the annual capacity can reach 12,000 tons, including induction furnaces, winding machines, operation desk, electrical cabinet, voltage regulating cabinet and traction system.

Introduce our equipment:

1. Adopt the highest grade refractory materials for the induction furnace.

2. Winding system using frequency conversion control, linked the upward, realizes the high precision line, whose single plate rewinder weight over 3 tons.

3. Computer control, servo drive system, man-machine conversation interface, easy to operate;

4. Detachable sensors, compared with other equipment has shorter maintenance time;

5. Low energy consumption, energy consumption in a single tonne 20% lower than that of similar devices;

6. Control the oxygen content of copper rods to eliminate the hollow core technology

All goods were shipped to Thailand on the morning of September 24! ! !

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